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Catherine Daniel Ceramics is based in my home studio in Norfolk, England.  I'm Cathy and I personally design and make all the items completely from scratch. My inspiration comes from so many places but especially my love of textiles and stitching, quilt blocks and folk-art. Some of my mixed-media pieces even combine ceramics and actual stitching with real thread.

I hand-build my pieces using white or buff earthenware clay.  Each piece is bisque-fired in the kiln to 1040 degrees C and then meticulously glazed by hand before firing a second time.

My work is mostly decorative rather than functional.  It is visually  striking - colourful, richly patterned, joyful and often quirky. 

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How it all began ....

I was always creative; as a child I loved art, and was always making things.  Each Christmas, Santa would bring me a giant set of new colouring pens and I still remember the joy of trying out all the different shades.

Much later in life, once my children had started highschool, I spent what little free time I had rekindling that childhood spark of creative joy.

When I eventually got to handle a lump of clay, I was hooked. My hands just seemed to intuitively know what to do. Some time later I bought my own kiln and began to make and sell my own work, initially through galleries and shops, but now exclusively online.

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How I work ....

I've had some very busy times recently for which I am truly grateful, but those periods taught me that too much haste and stress results in less genuine creativity and enjoyment. It isn't a sustainable way of working or being.

It's a balance, but moving forward, I'd like to work in a freer, calmer, more mindful way, enjoying my time lost in the creative zone .... much as I did as a child. I feel sure that this will benefit both me and my work.

I make in small batches, each item being a one-off and unique. I can only ever offer a limited number of pieces for sale at any one time, which means they do sell out very quickly.

Understandably, customers can feel disappointed at missing out, and I can only reassure people that there will be another chance to buy when further batches of work are made and listed for sale.

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Made with love, not perfection ....

Regular customers understand that handmade means made with the maker's hands and heart, and not by a machine. This means pieces sometimes show signs of unevenness, little marks or quirks, which reveal the individual style of the maker and hopefully add a little charm.

If you're seeking perfection  - perfectly round, or square, or coloured - then possibly my work is not for you.

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Pricing ....

This is always a difficult one - compared to many other online handmade ceramics, I consider my work to be very reasonably priced.  This is deliberate on my part as I want as many people as possible to be able to afford original artwork. 
At the same time, the price really must reflect the maker's time and studio/materials costs, so please bear this in mind.

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Thank You!

And last, but most importantly, I want to thank all those customers who have bought my work over the years, many of whom have become good friends; it is still a huge thrill (and surprise!) to think of my pieces in your beautiful homes, here in the UK and Europe, and as far as Canada, the US and Australia.  

Your appreciation and support of my ceramics is everything.

Thank you,

Cathy x

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